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Keep Your New Year Resolution – Tips From The Models



The facts here are simple. Supermodels and models need to make daily life choices that include a healthy lifestyle with a regimented workout routine and a low-carb, high protein diet. It does take time however to make healthy habits a part of your everyday routine (21 days to form a habit, 6 months to incorporate a new habit within your personality), and the below tips will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions whether you are a supermodel or not; and are surefire ways to stop the cycle of attempting to make change and not following through.

1. Be Realistic

The easiest way to fail is to make a resolution that is not attainable. This could be giving up your favorite food – let’s face it, that’s just not going to happen and chances are you will break and have a favorite food binge eating session. Stick with something simple like, have your favorite food in moderation. This would be easy to attain and chances are you will not go overboard, because you are not depriving yourself.

2. Smart People Plan Ahead

Making your resolution on the night of New Year’s Eve is not the best time to do so. Chances are you are making a resolution based on your mindset of that evening, verses a well thought out plan. The key here is to make and outline a plan prior to December 31st. The outline should decide how you are going to skip any temptation and stick to your resolution, whether it means calling a friend for a support, practicing positive thinking or reminding yourself how a negative behaviour can affect your goal.

3. Reward Yourself

This doesn’t mean contradict your resolution to eat healthy, by rewarding yourself by downing a box of See’s Candy. Reward yourself by doing something that is aligned and doesn’t conflict with your resolution. For example, purchase a new outfit (exercise outfit or any other), or take a day off from the gym and hit up a movie with a friend.

4. Track Your Progress

Short-term goals are typically easier to attain and by tracking your progress you will be motivated to stay on track. For example, instead of focusing on losing 35 pounds, focus on losing the first 5. In this scenario, it is also helpful to keep a food journal to track your progress and keep in mind you will have off days, Do not ever beat yourself up over a slip up – it happens, just get back on the horse again and continue on the path. Keep in mind this is a marathon not a sprint, but be sure to focus on the short term as you will be less overwhelmed.

5. Reinvent If Needed

Keep your plan flexible, and if you need to reinvent to stay focused on your goal, you should do so. For instance, if you committed to a diet that incorporates a latest food trend such as Kale, and it turns out you do not like Kale – switch to another healthy alternative such as broccoli. Focus on what works and keep your plan fluid for any changes.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia



By Brandis Ohlsson

Autumn in Australia usher’s in the annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.  Since it’s conception, Australian Fashion Week Australia has been the platform for local designers to gain global attention. This year the annual fashion showcase celebrates close to 20 years. The first, launched in 1996, was brought by PR consultant Simon Lock. Lock sold the event and it’s parent company Australian Fashion Innovators to International Management Group, or better known as IMG, in New York.

2015’s Australian Fashion Week also marked the return of Autralian supermodel, GemmaWard, to her country’s fashion stage, opening for deigner Kim Ellery. Ward originally made her fashion debut on that same stage when she was 15 years old in 2003. At one time Ward was one of the most in demand supermodels in the world, but in 2006 the star decided she needed a break, and did not return to the modelling world until her 2014 appearance in the Prada runway show. So needless to say it was great for the event to have her back.

As for the fashion’s at 2015’s event, it’s been said that a subdued colour palette and experimental silhouettes reigned. W Magazine named it’s “6 Australian Designers to Watch” including Alice McCall, daughter of renowned designer Carla Zampatti – Bianca Spender, Bec & Bridge, Christopher Esber, and Romance was born.

Here’s to 20 more years of Australian Fashion!

The 3 Things A Model Never Leaves Home Without



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Wake up. Breathe. Run. Well, maybe not literally, except during my work out and if the subways in New York shut down, but for the most part a majority of models are in for a busy day. The photos that most readers see in magazines or from runway events do not actually depict what leads up to that exact moment which is all hustle and bustle. Planning ahead is key and more importantly, there are things a model simply cannot leave home without. These tips, some of being quite obvious and others any business professional will find useful as well.

Comfortable shoes

I cannot stress enough how important comfortable shoes are. There is no way humanly possible anyone can run around all day in designer heels in Manhattan. Packing a comfy set of travel shoes is key along with a set of heels in your daytime travel bag. I try to check with the designer beforehand to see if they are providing shoes or if there is a certain heel height I should bring. My point however, is after any meetings or fittings, change back to the street clothes and have easy slip-on comfy shoes to jet to the next appointment.

Healthy Snacks

This is a rule that any model should know across the board. After all, you never know what they are going to serve at photo shoots or runway shows.  There are times when it is all carbs (which most models avoid hands down) and you really never know what is going to be available, or if you even have time to eat. I always make sure to have a healthy breakfast before I leave the house as a step one. I then have mini cooler where I pack healthy snacks, fresh veggies and fruit (my preference), and I ALWAYS pack water. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated. This helps you look great and fresh on camera. I also try to make sure to ask if there is filtered water on set and try to refill my water bottle if needed. This helps avoid an unnecessary store stop if I run out of fluids.


This may sound silly, after all who forgets their phone? Having a phone on hand is key for any model on the go, as you have to take phone calls from your agent and book new appointments as well. If you do not have a calendar on your phone, make sure you have another easy method to schedule, because not only do you want to be booked for new appointments, you have to be prepared to move your current day schedule around at any time. My agent will call at any given notice and tell me what appointments have been moved and where I need to be next. Most importantly, if you do not know already, learn how to use the maps app on your phone. If a new booking is scheduled, you need to not only know how to get there and where the locale is, but how to get there quickly.

Models, Promoters & “That Life” – Part 3



Ellen Hancock – A Not So Model Life
Instagram: @gypsy_revival

My journey past that time in my life was an emotional one. Watching this “friends” career take off with her fresh tits and Loubitans was interesting, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt me for a while. Los Angeles photographers love testing with models with designer clothes, breasts, and lots of followers on Instagram – regardless of how they got them. And then clients love the same things too. Did she have to work at those test shoots and castings? Ya, of course she did, and I give her credit for that. But she would have never had a lot of those opportunities without turning tricks to get them.

Part of me had to think… what if I had just gone down that path, too, like so many of these girls? I’d probably be better off with my modeling career. It seemed to be true for all the girls I saw living their lives that way. The money, resources, and makeovers… the ability to give your modeling career a jump start. It can be very disheartening when you just want to follow your passions, and stay who you really are. When you want the dream and the simple life too. A lot of the enchantment of Hollywood just doesn’t exist for me anymore. I know now that it’s all a visage, often hiding quite an ugliness underneath.

After all this happened I had to leave LA for a while and take a break. I had to heal and convince myself that success when achieved at the expense of your self worth will never taste as sweet as success earned through righteous means. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t… but when you witness that kind of lifestyle and don’t choose it for yourself, it’s what you have to believe.

I moved back to LA a year ago, and It has been a blessing to find a community of genuine people this time around. Branching out into acting more has helped. I hate to say it… but just so many models have bought into the fake lifestyle in Los Angeles. It’s hard to find the ones who still have small town values in the big city. I worry about models more now… about all the things that can lead to dark places.

I’m less eager to influence people to join the business than I used to be. A well meaning young girl with dreams will have a lot to face. Moving from a small town to these big cities and seeing all of this for the first time is shocking. I know it all too well. The recent incident with “The King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian kicking a model in the face at LIV nightclub in Miami is a sharp reminder. It pisses me off, and is part of what’s spurring me to write this. I’m sadly not at all surprised by it. There are a lot of awful people all over the world who disrespect and take advantage of models. From these Vegas trips, to living in Miami and witnessing the club life there, to even meeting rich jerks during my working months in Greece… this is truly a common lifestyle little discussed by those it abuses and rewards.

I guess it just makes me want to speak out about my own experiences in this realm, something I’ve never really done before. Call it a warning, or a heads up, or whatever. It’s just what happened to me, and what I know, and I’m sure there are more stories out there… we’re just never encouraged to spill the beans. We models are replaceable, remember? I’m just at a place in my life where I’m really perfectly ok with never being asked on one of these trips again, if that be the case. These trips, or club nights, can be really fun. But they can be scary too. Especially when you’re still naive to the world.

If you’re a model, all I can recommend when these opportunities come up is that you be aware – and remember who you are and what you’re truly worth. Know that any friend who doesn’t make you feel good is not a friend at all, and it is ok to break up with those kinds of people. It’s ok to to say no to any kind of lifestyle that doesn’t make you feel good on the inside, and that doesn’t mean you’re saying no to your dreams. Outside appearances aren’t everything. The simple life is a wonderful thing, too. It just doesn’t get as much advertising.

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10 Fashionable Characters From Movies



The films produced by Hollywood have frequently proved to be an inspiration to many people, when it comes to fashion. This is largely down to such stylish characters as then 10 we will list in this article.

1. Jacob

One of the most stylish characters we have seen in the movies in recent years, was Ryan Gosling’s Jacob in 2011’s Crazy Stupid Love. His character starts out as a womaniser and much of his success is down to his perfectly tailored suits and cashmere casual wear.

2. Cher Horowitz

The dizzy Valley Girl character played by Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, from 1995, was a real style icon with young women at the time – with her knee socks and A-line miniskirts making her aspirational for many. Her outfits proved she was not stupid.

3. Mookie

Going from one extreme to another, this character played by Spike Lee in his own 1989 film Do the Right Thing wore the hip clothing of the streets at that time – namely x-large sports shorts and top. This perfectly fitted the cutting edge tone of the film.

4. Patrick Bateman

You wouldn’t want Patrick Bateman’s vain, psychopathic soul, but you might well want his immaculately tailored dark, pinstriped suits and designer shirts. The character in American Psycho (1999) needed to exude surface cool and his look achieved that.

5. Carrie Bradshaw

It is impossible to leave out this character, a Manhattan-based journalist in Sex and the City (2008). She wore non-stop high fashion, from Manolo shoes to Prada dresses, suiting the glossy, fairytale aspects of the film.

6. Axel Foley

If ever there was a character who proved that being fashionable didn’t have to mean high fashion it was Eddie Murphy’s wisecracking cop in Beverly Hills Cop (1982). His jeans, fraternity jacket and t-shirt defined men’s casual wear in the US to this day.

7. James Bond

James Bond is pretty much always the king of style and in the first Pierce Brosnan outing from 1995, Goldeneye, he wore everything from Brioni suits to Persol shades, ensuring a super-smooth that defined that era of Bond. Whether Bond is in a casino or on his mobile enjoying some online pokies at casinoonline.co.nz, he will always look like a million dollars – literally.

8. Elle Woods

This Reese Witherspoon character from 2003’s Legally Blonde was like a ten-years-later update of Cher from Clueless. Her wardrobe was almost entirely pink, befitting her girly character, but was also ultra fashionable – showing she was no fool.

9. Chow Mo-Wan

In the Mood for Love was set in 1960, but made in 2000, and Tony Leung’s character was like a proto-Don Draper, albeit rather more moral, in his beautifully tailored suits – showing that classic men’s style never goes out of fashion.

10. Zoolander

In his outrageous outfits, such as a leopardskin suit with matching accessories, male model Zoolander (Ben Stiller) was certainly always one to stand out from the crowd. It is unlikely that he will have toned down his taste in clothing in the new sequel released this year.

To celebrate the release of Zoolander 2 it’s time for us all to give ourselves a high fashion makeover.