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10 Fashionable Characters From Movies



The films produced by Hollywood have frequently proved to be an inspiration to many people, when it comes to fashion. This is largely down to such stylish characters as then 10 we will list in this article.

1. Jacob

One of the most stylish characters we have seen in the movies in recent years, was Ryan Gosling’s Jacob in 2011’s Crazy Stupid Love. His character starts out as a womaniser and much of his success is down to his perfectly tailored suits and cashmere casual wear.

2. Cher Horowitz

The dizzy Valley Girl character played by Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, from 1995, was a real style icon with young women at the time – with her knee socks and A-line miniskirts making her aspirational for many. Her outfits proved she was not stupid.

3. Mookie

Going from one extreme to another, this character played by Spike Lee in his own 1989 film Do the Right Thing wore the hip clothing of the streets at that time – namely x-large sports shorts and top. This perfectly fitted the cutting edge tone of the film.

4. Patrick Bateman

You wouldn’t want Patrick Bateman’s vain, psychopathic soul, but you might well want his immaculately tailored dark, pinstriped suits and designer shirts. The character in American Psycho (1999) needed to exude surface cool and his look achieved that.

5. Carrie Bradshaw

It is impossible to leave out this character, a Manhattan-based journalist in Sex and the City (2008). She wore non-stop high fashion, from Manolo shoes to Prada dresses, suiting the glossy, fairytale aspects of the film.

6. Axel Foley

If ever there was a character who proved that being fashionable didn’t have to mean high fashion it was Eddie Murphy’s wisecracking cop in Beverly Hills Cop (1982). His jeans, fraternity jacket and t-shirt defined men’s casual wear in the US to this day.

7. James Bond

James Bond is pretty much always the king of style and in the first Pierce Brosnan outing from 1995, Goldeneye, he wore everything from Brioni suits to Persol shades, ensuring a super-smooth that defined that era of Bond. Whether Bond is in a casino or on his mobile enjoying some online pokies at casinoonline.co.nz, he will always look like a million dollars – literally.

8. Elle Woods

This Reese Witherspoon character from 2003’s Legally Blonde was like a ten-years-later update of Cher from Clueless. Her wardrobe was almost entirely pink, befitting her girly character, but was also ultra fashionable – showing she was no fool.

9. Chow Mo-Wan

In the Mood for Love was set in 1960, but made in 2000, and Tony Leung’s character was like a proto-Don Draper, albeit rather more moral, in his beautifully tailored suits – showing that classic men’s style never goes out of fashion.

10. Zoolander

In his outrageous outfits, such as a leopardskin suit with matching accessories, male model Zoolander (Ben Stiller) was certainly always one to stand out from the crowd. It is unlikely that he will have toned down his taste in clothing in the new sequel released this year.

To celebrate the release of Zoolander 2 it’s time for us all to give ourselves a high fashion makeover.


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