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Tired And Not Sure Why? A Nutritionist Weighs In



By Jessica Sepel

You aren’t getting enough sleep. I truly believe you need 8 hours to feel fully awake and thrive on a daily basis.

You are going to bed after 11. More likely than not, you’re overstimulating your brain with your phone or computer, and it also means you won’t get those 8 hours in.

You are eating too much sugar. Refined and unrefined. I recommend cutting back, including the amount of fruit you’re eating. Fruit should be paired with some nuts or protein for blood sugar control.

You are eating too many eggs. Some have recently told me they get tired after eating eggs, which are a common allergy. Cut them out for a week or two and see if your energy comes back.

You are eating gluten. Again, try cutting it out for 2-4 weeks and see if your energy picks up.

Your thyroid isn’t working properly. I recommend getting a thorough thyroid test by your doctor.

Your gut isn’t in good shape. It’s time to heal it! Check out my guide, The Cleanest Gut, for the full protocol.

Your blood sugars are irregular. Ensure each meal has protein and some good fats for blood sugar control, and be careful with caffeine – 1 cup per day is my rule.

You are not eating enough food. Good food, that is. If you are a dieter like I used to be, perhaps you have cut out major food groups or aren’t eating enough. Commit to The Healthy Life way of eating. Give up dieting, don’t give up any food groups.

You are dehydrated. Up your water intake. You should be drinking at least 2 liters per day.

Your iron levels are low. Have them checked; ferritin should be around 70 in blood test results.

Blogger Blogger On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?



By Margretta Sowah
Twitter – @bohomags

Can you, in your head, raise your hand if you have ever owned or written in a diary? Hopefully there are many of you. We are operating within an interesting paradigm – this ‘on the line’ (shout-out to the Internship movie), quasi-virtual reality of connection through different types of retail experiences. You can call this a Checkout Society. ‘Checkout’ can refer to different things such as; unwinding with social media, or maybe having a wandering eye, being fortunate to ‘checkout’ of a boring day through different vices… most of these are #firstworldproblems.

The benefit of blogging is self-explanatory. The two advantages that come to mind (for the readers) are convenience and customisation. With the aid of Google we are able to find almost anything on anyone at anytime. Sounds convenient. The custom part lies in the hands of the blogger. These benefits run further and deeper than just convenience and customised choices. A Blogger is someone who shares information on their site regularly for personal purposes. If a company is operating in this capacity it wouldn’t be calling blogging; it would be called selling. Is this how we view bloggers now? A business all on its own; selling a fixed and curated dream? Is there anything wrong with that? Should we fight against being sold ‘gift set’ size ideologies of the newest trend?

Even the most secure of persons, financially speaking, is opting to quit their salary packages for the alluring and turbulent avenue of professional blogging. We’ve seen PLENTY of sites that offer advice, tips, commentary, prizes, tutorials and even image porn. Oh no she didn’t! Sites like Tumblr, WordPress and Bloglovin are platforms for community interaction.

I have nothing against blogging – I do it myself. The only difference is I’m not selling anything but myself, wink wink (I joke). Thousands of dollars can be made monetizing your page. Whether you are using affiliate marketing (those annoying banners businesses have on the side, top and bottom of most pages – when readers click said advertisement and/or purchase from that page the blogger receives a fee. The purchase or impression was made by association). More often than not, direct methods of marketing such as endorsing a product are the industry norm. Bloggers get freebies. Yes FREEBIES – most of the time. The convenience for brands is having an unofficial spokesperson for the average person. I suppose that is the beauty of blogging. So what does this mean in relation to living in a ‘checkout’ society? Blogging has already become a ‘social commerce’ platform.

The future of blogging is moving towards bankable personalities – people who use their ‘brand’ to influence and engage their audience to purchase or be a part of a certain movement or product. We have to assume those active followers are interested in blog [x] because they find whatever the blogger is blogging useful. The trust is that the blogger(s) have consumers in mind, catering and curating probable and attractive trends for the rest of us to enjoy. Ain’t no shame in that game.

Here is a list of the top (6) Fashion Blogs (in my humble opinion).

1. The Man Repeller

I think the name says it all. This blog is not just for the average fashionista. Do you put a little more thought and a little less outside approval into your outfit? Dress without fear!

FOLLOW IF: you have a bubble bag just waiting to come out of your closet… I’m kidding. If you aren’t afraid of trying new things style-wise then welcome to the club.


2. Garry Pepper Girl

If vintage and all things girly is your cup of tea then GPG is for you! Whimsical, exotic and a whole lot of class. Are you a Garry Pepper Girl?

FOLLOW IF: you enjoy seeing all facets of being in the Fashion public eye – from red carpets, VIP luncheons and events, collaborating and even having fabulous meals. #nofilter of course.


3. Peony Lim

the Asian market is known for its polished decadence and commercial quirkiness. This blog is for jet-setters. All aboard!

FOLLOW IF: you love seeing high-res and high gloss images of a Fashion princess’s jet-setting lifestyle.


4. Style Bubble

In the Fashion Blogging sphere, Style Bubble is an icon! Though her site is not as flashy (some would say) as other blogs, her content far outweighs any minimalist and quirky visuals.

FOLLOW IF: you enjoy reading longhand fashion commentary while wearing your favourite kitsch outfit.


5. Blonde Salad

A blogging favourite for most. This blogger has had collaborations with luxury houses, and even has her own fashion line.

FOLLOW IF: you have a thing for art, fashion, design, travel then look no further.


6. Bryanboy

What to say about Bryanboy? He is a gay icon in fashion. Having his own Marc Jacobs bag named after him is just a small stitch in this story.

FOLLOW IF: you are into gorgeous fashion, behind the scenes shots and possible shady commentary.



Model Maison – Tegan Desmond



This is an edit from the beautiful website, Model-Maison; a project of love and dedication that has seen the photographer, Cybele Malinowski shoot models in their bedrooms all over the suburbs of Sydney, LA, London, Ukraine and Shanghai. Each week, we will be featuring a new model from Model-Maison.

Model: @tegananana
Photographer/Stylist: @cybism
Hair & Make Up: @aniamilczarczyk 

Oh-Ohh Nip Slip…Cover Up



By Magretta Sowah
Twitter – @bohomags

According to Oxford Dictionaries, in ‘transit’ means to pass across or through an area. We are in transit, socially speaking, when it comes to identity. Maybe we always have been. Social media is a wonderful thing. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech!

All social platforms have guidelines. The Do’s and Don’ts of most sites is simple; no pornographic content involving minors or threatening to post intimate images of others #WasteHisTime2016.

This picture, posted on AMFAM Instagram, was banned because it didn’t meet their guideline requirements. But the requirements mention nothing about bare chests. The picture is of a woman – a transgender woman. It is here that we have a problem. The #freethenipple campaign started as art imitating life, with Lina Esco’s comedic drama centred around activists fighting their right to bare nipples –Why is seeing my nipple more offensive than a mass murder? A great point. What does baring a nipples have to do with identity? More than you realise.

You show me yours

I must admit, I’m not a huge Instagram user. What I do love about this platform is the curated and filtered visual porn – lets be very clear; I mean anything intended to cause excitement. I am not here to call out hypocrisy (I enjoy my job far too much) but we continue to dance on the line of acceptability. The world is filled with almost 7 billon people. There will definitely be times we don’t see eye to eye or hand to gun, as the news regurgitates hourly. This is why identity is so important – to know who you are and your relation to the external world. But we are talking about law enforced guidelines on Instagram, not existential problems of the self and universe.

2014 was the year Facebook lifted its ban on women who shared pictures of breastfeeding their newborns. What they didnt do was lift the same ban on women who weren’t breastfeeding but had their girls out. Any other contexts apart from nursing was forbidden, according to mic.com. Facebook was not prepared for the roar of loosened bra straps at the hypocrisy.

Lina Esco, the mastermind behind the #freethenipple movement and satirical movie, stated in 2013; “When I started my online campaign, Facebook and Instagram banned the photos of topless women that were taken on location, faster than we could put them up. Why can you show public beheadings from Saudi Arabia on Facebook, but not a nipple? Why can you sell guns on Instagram, but yet they will suspend your account for posting the most natural part of a woman’s body?”

This campaign was evelated to a femisitic-super-nova level when Feminist writer and activist Soraya Chemaly rallied the troups, sending more than ‘60,000 tweets and 5,000 emails opposing the inequitable way images of women’s breasts are regarded.’ Soraya Chemaly told Mic mag, Women’s breasts are not the problem. Sexual objectification is the problem. There’s a difference between sexualization and sexuality. Breasts don’t hurt children, breasts feed children, and it’s the sexualization of women’s bodies that’s actually hurting children the most.”

Sex sells because it reminds us of the familiar. When we see a sexy image we are tempting the deepest parts of ourselves – the kind of llifestyle we hate to see but love to be (if only for an episode of your favorite reality show). Bringing it back home, we at AMFAM were not impressed with Instagram. We believe the picture was banned because she has very feminine features. Gorgeous hair. Ajar lips. Fresh and hydrated skin. Cheeky demure. This screams female all over – am I right ladies?

The model doesn’t appear threatening or erotic. The issue? Her nipples were visible on a flat chest. Is it fair that male nipples are socially acceptable damn near anywhere? But this isn’t a picture of a quote on quote ‘man’. Is the line still relevant when the stiletto is on the other foot?

Who makes the rules?

We share a pack mentality; kind of like the ‘cool kids’ club. There’s nothing overtly dangerous with this – we need order and hierarchy for pretty things to flourish. The problem is when the majority is wrong and yet still rules. Over-sexualisation has taken over our world – even as a writer. It’s not hard to turn a mispronounced word, unintended movement or a well-placed object into a double entendre. See what I mean? Very naughty of you.

The titillation of #freethenipple is largely due to sex-coloured glasses. Female breasts are seen as sexual objects – funbags, to be captialised solely for pleasure and aesthetics, instead of their actual use – for nurture. There always will be disgruntled right/left wing conservatives who hide behind tradition – what’s tried and true will come through, right? What about the power one holds to change and evolve, regardless of social norms? Why are models allowed to showcase next to fabulous nothing to sell a product/lifestyle but women on the street who are less provocative, perhaps even breastfeeding their child; or horror of all horrors, braless while wearing a white shirt, in the middle of a rainstorm. Why some things accepted but others aren’t?

Can beauty be censored?

The rules of beauty should be individually defined as we go forward into the future. Beauty is a universal social construction on the senses. It is felt more so than seen, which is why many industries are thriving on capturing beauty in its natural (curated) habitat. These companies edit beauty. Then sell it back to us in a real life context.

Instagram’s rule to ban our image had more to do with perception in real time than capturing beauty in its natural (curated) habitat. We felt because this model had identified as a woman her nips violated their platform guidelines and laws.

The line of approval and self acceptance is a long drawn out process. It will probably be a selfie at a time. We can start by understanding their rules and then breaking them in morally acceptable ways (and legal, of course!). Morality and socialism will always butt heads. To put it differently, what is good for social platforms is not always good for brands.

With that said, let’s blow the cover on real hypocrisy – starting with one titillation at a time.

New Face: Tom Ford



By Brandis Ohlsson

Once described as “Fashion’s boldest, most audacious success story ever,” American designer Tom Ford was born in 1962 in Austin, Texas. Having an interest in beauty and fashion from an early age, he touts his grandmother as his first muse, calling her “incredibly stylish” with her big hair and big cars. As a teenager he made the move to New York City, studying architecture at Parson’s School of Design, and has been said to have also dabbled in acting. At some point, Ford realized he much preferred fashion to architecture or acting. At age 29, Ford received his big break; he was asked to become the chief women’s designer at the major high-end design house, Gucci. With this, he was off to Europe.

At the point that Tom Ford began at Gucci, it was a fledgling company by high-end fashion house standards known best for their archaic leather goods. Turning things around for the company and climbing the ranks rather quickly, Tom Ford was appointed Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent when Gucci bought a controlling stake in 1999. With his first parley in the fragrance game, Ford created a bit of controversy with the advertising campaign for YSL’s M7 cologne, which featured a full frontal nude man. In response to the controversy that followed, Ford replied simply, “Perfume is worn on the skin, so why hide the body?”

In 2005, Tom Ford returned to the United States and announced the launch of the Tom Ford Brand, and in 2006 he introduced Tom Ford Signature Fragrances. The men’s portfolio of fragrances currently includes six fragrances, Black Orchid, Grey Vetiver, Extreme, White Patchouli, and his newest endeavor for men, Noir. All of Ford’s fragrances can be considered modern classics with seductive and intriguing qualities. The designer himself has said that he is inspired by the history of perfumery when the most suburb ingredients were used to create timeless scents that had a lasting impact.

May 2015 brings us the Tom Ford Noir Extreme, which brings us a new Tom Ford fragrance campaign. This campaign Ford didn’t have to look far to find his star- he cast himself. (No, he’s not full frontal) Ford has appeared in his own campaigns before. He sniffed at Lara Stone’s face for Tom Ford Beauty Fall 2011, and in fall 2012 with Snejana Onopka for the Beauty campaign. One Noir Extreme review calls it a “fragrance for the man who dares to be extraordinary”; who better to market that than the designer himself? A very handsome man with what has been nothing short of remarkable. He couldn’t have found a better model if he tried.

Pin Up Girls. And boys?



In the fashion world its rare to find something new and exciting that hasnt really been done before, now in steps a close friend of mine who also happens to be devilishly handsom, my mate Luke Flynn who has just announced the launch of its debut collection, paying homage to life in New York City.

Founded by friends Kym Naimo and Luke Flynn, Prize Pins references the history of vintage pins and their craftsmanship.

“New York is a special beast, we’re constantly inspired by the nuances that make up its identity, from the people to the art and architectire” says co-founder Luke Flynn. “We sought to design a collection of pins that would subtly enhance personal style, we like to call it garment spice.”

New York City-based Prize is a new take on a classic object through art, humor, and design. The debut collection, comprised of 12 distinctive lapel pins, is designed and manufactured entirely in the U.S.

Each pin in the debut collection is a thoughtful yet irreverent take on a classic object, with designs resembling a gold tooth, rare steak, one-eyed panther, “Do No Disturb” gravestone, “Applause” sign, and more. As a tribute to all things rare and coveted, Prize Pins are produced in limited runs of 100 or less.

Website: prizepins.com
Sales: kym@prizepins.com
Instagram: @prizepins

The Digital Evolution Of Fashion Week



By Margretta Sowah

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia is a much sought after event on the global fashion calendar. Like all Fashion Week events it delivers the Glits & Glamour – and the stresses that go with it and not just the usual behind-the-scenes pressure. With seamstresses sewing for days on end and the fashion lovers charging to train their eyes for the proverbial delight that is the Ready-To-Wear runway show.

It’s business as usual. Or is it? We learnt this year many of the international buyers were not present at the show but were watching and in constant communication with the designers via social media. Is this the new approach to bringing fashion to the masses? It seems costs are a critical issue to consider, not just for the designers but the buyers and sellers of the newest trends, ready to hit the streets.

Since its conception in 1996, Australia is trying to keep its wits and wonder within the ever-changing world of hemispheric seasonality. Fashion is a culture; a hegemony with a very strict passport to enter. Is it becoming a reunion for the key players? A home-coming dance or prom that every year is privy to its alumni? Instant gratification is poorly referenced in the reality of its purpose. The digital age is more about the share-ability than the buy-ability. Even the traditional media (glossy magazines and papers) are finding it a new platform to attract their readers. Bloggers are creating the new media platforms… they deliver the looks/styles to their followers instantaneously.

Designers need media to build awareness. They need to reach the consumers however they firstly need to reach the buyers. Where do we draw a line when commercial revenue for the validity of these brands (and their shareholders) is not being assessed to the marketing mix of a show? Is the investment to attend a show worthwhile?

Have the Fashion week runway shows become a production line? Has it become a conveyer belt changing the pace of Fashion globally? This sounds like a hard truth to swallow. While the shows are the theatrics of a designers’ craft (designers know that to do well you must show in all significant events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week). Not only is this a fact but there are many add on costs. Styling needs to be flawless by presenting a unique proposition to entice the consumer.

As everyone knows, social media offers an instantaneous link to the consumer. Connecting designers to buyers and consumers. It’s not surprising to see everyone on their phones. Social media in the lens of the global business sphere is the most influential currency for the new age. As a last year Fashion Marketing student at Raffles and being privy to our show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I found it very evident that the instant visual effect of the event is the greatest marketing tool – especially for up and coming designers. Their collection is easily and readily accessible to Buyers.

Fashion is a fast-paced environment that knows little sleep or respite. It is the throne of instagram that keeps us hungry for the image. If Pixie Curtis, a three year old (who has 105k followers and counting) can attend a Toni Maticevski show and influence on Instagram that says a lot about the importance of visual gratification. The work of Public Relations is becoming just as pertinent as the journalist (Fashion or otherwise) reporting the show.

Will other fashion heavyweights jump into these digital marketing waters? Who knows. There’s a lot of new ground that will be highlighted through savvy business opportunities and utilise what is becoming a force of its own – Social Media.

As for the Australian Fashion Week, it’s hard to miss something if it doesn’t leave and with Social Media, it’s more about capturing and celebrating talent than anything else.


Jewellery – The Key To Make Any Outfit Great



By Simi A Mira

Very few things can take an outfit from “average” to “wow!” quite like some funky, quirky jewellery. Whether it’s real, fake, subtle, over-the-top, bright, demure – it all adds to making an ordinary look become an outstanding one. Knowing what quirky jewellery is best to wear is the key to staying cream of the fashion crop.

Reveal Your Personal Style With Quirky Jewellery

There’s nothing more personal than a piece of quirky jewellery. It embellishes your personal style in a little trinket and reflects who you are as a person. It’s key to pick jewellery that is close to your heart – often you’ll buy key pieces of jewellery to mark a milestone in your life, or reward yourself for hard work. There’s nothing more enjoyable than adding to your look, so have fun with it. Whether you load up on the chunky earrings or prefer a delicate feather necklace, let your jewellery pick reflect YOU.

Class Is Key

You may like anything glistening and sparkly – don’t we all – but it’s wise to know when to stop. An adornment of sparkles on your arms should mean more minimal quirky jewellery elsewhere. Another example is if you are wearing a very alluring evening dress with eye catching cuts and finishes – a hip thin chain would look much better than clunky statement pieces. It’s worthwhile to note that you don’t need to break the bank to buy jewellery – costume jewellery is a cheaper way to still maintain your fashion edge.

How To Wear

There are plenty of ways to wear your quirky jewellery. You can adorn a choker and couple this with a few lighter pieces.  You can always layer up with an array of styles and shapes – but ensure you don’t weigh yourself down with a stack of necklaces around your neck! If you have an open neckline on your top it would be a waste not to use that space to show off a cute, simple necklace. An important factor is also the vibe you are aiming for – this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing your jewellery for the day. Feeling punk? Go for chains. Feeling slightly boho chic? Some wooden beads or brighter colors will do the trick.

Earring To Your Advantage

Earrings have the great advantage of framing your face – a great opportunity to show off some beautifully done makeup and a gorgeous hairstyle. Even a pair of small demure earrings can add masses of fabulous aesthetic to your look. Just like the rest of your face, your earrings are in direct line with the person you are talking to – ensure they are embellishing your style spirit and accompany your outfit perfectly.

So Much Choice

In terms of earrings you have a few choices – dainty drop earrings, studs and the ever-popular chandelier earrings. Each have their own benefits, i.e. studs can be worn on a daily basis, drop earrings can add workings of color and chandelier earrings can really attract attention. Rings, especially if you talk with your hands, can really draw impact on what you are saying – from huge rocks to a simple gold or silver band, work with what your personal style spirit is (as well as your budget).


Model Millionaires: Emanuela De Paula



By Calynn M. Lawrence

Emanuela de Paula is a BRazillian bombshell who is best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Although she has long since retired her wings in 2011, she is still making it happen and doing a great job representing women of color in the fashion modeling industry, Many have pronounced the 26 year old beauty to be the Brazillian Naomi (Campbell). With her looks being one of a kind and her modeling skills to boot, she has not at all let the color of her skin put the slightest hault to her career in fashion. As stated by Naomi Campbell, Emanuela de Paula is a fabulous face for brown skinned babes looking to pursue modeling.

How did she get started? Well, Emanuela de Paula was born in a small town in Brazil to very supportive parents who embraced her “mulatta beauty.” By the tender age of 9 years old she began doing small contract work such as doing super market advertisements and local shop campaigns. This lower level work did not last very ong because the industry quickly recognized that she was unique, her talent beyond mere domestic gigs.

By the age of 15 years old, she began meeting up with different modeling agencies and talent management. She was signed almost instantly by Marilyn Agency. After such, she walked the stage for various household names such as Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass, Diane von Furstenberg, Colcci, Lacoste, Jennifer Lopez, Kenneth Cole and Zac Posen, as well as many others.

Her editorial career was not too shabby either. Having been modeled for several campaigns such as the Mac Barbie Collection, Prescriptives, W Magazine, Vogue, Next retailers, Gina Tricot and many others, she has made a reputation for herself as a master of all facets of the industry.

Her most well known portfolio pieces of course derive from her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in the years of 2008, 2010 and 2011! She often times was one of few darker skinned models in the runway shows, commercial campaigns and editorial advertisements. However, this did nothing but make her stand out even more, winning the hearts of girls and women alike across the globe who shared her surplus of melanin. In 2009, she was named the 11th highest earning Super model by Forbes and still remains to pull in a hefty income!

Now Emanuela de Paula works to find her next venture while still doing commercial modeling and advertisements. Watch out world! This pistol is surely about to give us something great!




Models: @i_leick from @londonmgtgroup

Hair & Make up: @vicanderson